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2007 and the changes it will bring

In less than one week on January 3rd I will have a birthday. I will be 34.

34 doesn't sound the same as it did when we were 21. Remember being 21 and thinking 34 seemed SO middle-aged then. Yeah...kinda but not really.

I think I'm having the hardest time realizing that I'm 34 and I never finished my bachelor's degree, my son is 4 1/2 school years before starting his and we still don't own a house.

Now separately NONE of these things really bother me all that much...but when you list them...not much fun.

Anyway, along with me turning 34, my Mother and I share the same b-day as well as my LOVELY (ackcoughbullshitcough) Mother in Law also has the same b-day. We are all January 3rd. Should my loving husband ever forget that January 3rd is his Mother's, Wife's and Mother in law's b-day..I promise you ...they will never find the body. My Mom is going to be 52. My Mother in Law...I think 66..maybe 67.

The very next day my brother turns 24, 10 days after that my BABY sister turns 21.

That's right

My Mom and I on the 3rd
My brother the 4th
My sister the 14th

January is an insane b-day month for my family.

Shortly thereafter my dear husband turns 34 on Feb. 2nd. Groundhog Day. He reminds me often that I'm a month older than him..and how I'm robbing the cradle. Really the joke is old.

The summer will bring my son's 8th grade graduation and his last summer of playing baseball with his friends before we make our big move about 90 minutes away to a more northwest suburb of Chicago. My daughter will turn 2 and more than likely I will stop working in downtown Chicago because my commute will more than double.

Before I know it fall of 2007 will find my son a freshman in high school and the holidays will be banging down the down once again.

Time really does fly...but since 2008 brings not only a happy 5th wedding anniversary for Jeff & I...but also my MID 30s and my 35th birthday perhaps 2007 could go a little slower than 2006 did...that would be great.


Blogger CPA Mom said...

I'm 35 so....I guess that makes me ancient.

My husband is ONE DAY younger than me and I get the same lame jokes from him too. He needs new material. Good thing I love him.

My Monster-In-Law - I have no idea when her b-day is and I could give a fuck either. You are a better person than me!

December 28, 2006 at 4:50 PM  
Blogger That Chick Over There said...

I am exactly four months older than Jason. All a bunch of cradle robbers are we!

My MIL's birthday is exactly one week before my husbands. I only know it by coincidence. Not for celebratory purposes.

December 28, 2006 at 5:15 PM  

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