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Losing your job? Go shopping; you'll feel better

No joke here; that IS how I'm wrapping up my week.

Wednesday I found out it'll be a matter of weeks before I lose my job.
Thursday I decided to get pre-approved for a loan for a new vehicle.
(Well used from Carmax but whatever, it's still a $14,000 purchase)

That's right ladies and gents, first thing Saturday morning Jeff and I will drive with the kiddies to one of Chicago's largest CarMax locations and shop for a minivan. With a little luck I'll be driving it home.

Did someone say SOCCER MOM? Oh no you did-nnn't.

I'm a football Mom, I'm a baseball Mom. No soccer round these parts.

However, I will say that I do feel like this is that step. That next step towards my MID-30s, where I set comfortably into the Motherhood role and shuttling my children around while having no real life of my own for a few years before I realize that almost all but uncapable of having an adult conversation. (Hell sometimes I feel like that now)

Except that I've decided I won't let that last part happen to me. I started a piggy bank for the down payment on the minivan, I will now start over for my camera.

I love to take pictures. It's been a hobby of mine for years and I've never had the money to invest in a good camera. Before long I will have the money and I will indulge in that activity as often as I can.

So if that means driving to my photo taking destination in a minivan among all the other Moms, so be it. Casey won't be kicking me in the back with her feet, Kyle won't be whining about how he has NOOOO room with his 33 inch inseam and when we take a family trip there will be more than enough room for all our crap.

I don't want a minivan, I need it. Sue me.

**** Edited to touch base with 2 of my readers.

Emma I see you----you haven't updated in forever and you have no email attached to your profile. Please let me know you are ok.

Missy- I've been emailing you all week. Does gmail hate you again?


Blogger CPA Mom said...

I happen to love mini-vans. I traded in my SUV when Tigger was a newborn and never looked back. I love the space, I love the fold and go seats and under seat storage for groceries. I love sitting up high. I may hate my actual brand of mini-van with all its knocks and noises (Chrysler Town and Country) and dream of a Toyota mini-van, but I will happily drive one for years to come. You will not regret it!

Wait, your job? Am I correct that you were wanting to lose it anyway?

March 23, 2007 at 5:30 AM  
Blogger Gerbil said...

We just had to get a SAnta Fe. Well, we didn't HAVE to but Husband's car croaked and he decided he needed it to carry all the STUFF.

March 23, 2007 at 5:33 AM  
Blogger Kellie said...

I don't want one, either. The man of the house? HE wants one!! I'll stick with my GMC Envoy for as long as I can. If I need the 3rd row seating, I'll get a Tahoe or a GMC Acadia. Although, I HAVE to admit....minivans with all their folding seats and flip up storage...sounds awesome!!

In the end...it's all about what makes life a bit easier. If I wave the white minivan flag down the road, so be it :)

Happy Shopping!!

March 23, 2007 at 6:01 AM  
Blogger SJ said...

I'm with you, I could probably USE a mini-van however I don't WANT one.

And I'll never get one either.

Have fun shopping!

March 23, 2007 at 6:46 AM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Baby number three will equal minivan for us. I'll be sad to give up my Tauras wagon, which I adora, but it's just such a fab idea for a family vehicle.

Good luck with the shopping bit, can be maddening but fun as well.

March 23, 2007 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Well, I'm not quite ready for a minivan yet. I've just got the one and she seems to fit very well in the back seat of my malibu.

March 23, 2007 at 10:03 AM  
Blogger HeatherAnn Fragglehead said...

A minivan is probably a good idea for you, especially with all of Kyle's gear for sports. And Casey's stuff. And the fact that Kyle is now really tall.

That said, I'm holding off on the minivan for as long as humanly possible.

March 23, 2007 at 10:11 AM  
Blogger That Chick Over There said...

No mini-van for me, but my Santa Fe makes me happy when skies are gray.

March 23, 2007 at 2:51 PM  
Blogger frannie said...

you will be the most stylin' minivan drivin' mom ever!

March 23, 2007 at 7:44 PM  
Blogger M said...

I LOVE mini vans. I'm so excited for your mini van I could scream. Seriously. For years I've said my dream vehicle is a mini van and I'm so not ashamed to say it. My husband is even on board so excited for the day a mini van comes into play! If I won the lotto? Mini. van. city. I cannot wait to hear the mini van news!!!

Additionally...I wrote you back twice yesterday (feeling like a super ass for not previously reading the email you forwarded thursday which you'd obviously sent tuesday). Let me know that you got them. xoxoxoxox

March 24, 2007 at 7:45 AM  
Blogger Amy W said...

Yes, weren't you wishing to lose your job?

I do love my minivan. I am a total geek.

March 26, 2007 at 6:55 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Ok, I am 27 and totally had to buy a minivan last year! I was devastated! I hated the damn thing! But, it has doors that open with the press of a button and things like that and, all in all, it makes things easier when you have kids.

I am NOT a soccer mom though! I'm hot in my minivan, lmao!

March 28, 2007 at 10:29 AM  

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