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Have I mentioned

That I have to wear a WETSUIT when I'm in Florida?

No??? Hmmm that's odd...cuz it is right now the highlight and low point of my vacation.

We're going to Dolphins in the Depth at Epcot where you get to interact with the dolphins. Another $120 (X7 people) gift that my Father tacked on to this trip. Where he's getting the money to finance the majority of this trip, I'll never know.

So imagine my surprise when along with the announcement that we were going were the directions for what to bring (towel & bathing suit), what not to (jewelry, camera) and the fact that they carry wet suits up to a size 5x. Yes that's right a 5x. (This is where I get on my soap box about the fact that just cuz they make hoochie clothes such as spandex in my size..does NOT mean I'm supposed to wear them in PUBLIC, ok done.)

So while I think if they run to size..I'm somewhere between a 2x and 3x depending on how much room they have up front for the "ladies" I'm still run and hide embarrassed that I'll be seen in public in a wet suit.

My biggest fear is GETTING into the suit.

Anyone got an industrial size barrel of Crisco so I can grease myself in?

Yeah send it COD to Disney for arrival on the 31st. Thanks.


Blogger Christine Spencer said...

I have always wanted to swim with dolphins. That's SO exciting. But it never crossed my mind what I would wear when I did it. The thought of wearing a wetsuit makes me shudder. I had to wear those when we were white water rafting. But at least, I could hide somewhat by wearing the mandatory life vest over the wet suit.

I think the only other alternative to wearing a wetsuit when you swim with dolphins would be to wear a regular swimsuit. And I don't think I'd feel better about that either. You know someone's going to be out there with a camera taking photos of the fun. Oh well, just focus on the fun.

January 19, 2007 at 12:28 PM  
Blogger M said...

Oh my holy heavens. I would LOVE to have a front row seat to watching you put on a wetsuit. Which sounds perverted and awful but OMFG what a joy that will be to attempt. Of course more joyful might be watching your husband wrestle into one! Please. Can you two take video of the wet suits getting on? You could win money maybe! Isn't America's Funniest Videos still on? I've never seen anyone do it graceful but somehow Jeff + wetsuit sounds just fabulously funny.

Sounds like a fabulous experience! I am glad you have such fun (CRAZY EXPENSIVE!) plans ahead of you! You so deserve goodness in Disney!

January 19, 2007 at 12:33 PM  
Blogger CPA Mom said...

While I would love to swim with the dolphins, I'll have to pass on the WETSUIT. OMG...you have put the fear in me too. Good luck on that. Can you feel the love?

January 20, 2007 at 10:14 AM  

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