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Cute Constuction Boy Watch-Day Three

The "dirty girl fine" list made me think of this...

Solely because I really think CCB (Cute Construction Boy) is 24 or under..so therefore ten years younger than me..and I've had sex with someone 10 years OLDER than me...and since I'm married the 10 years younger is likely never to happen...

But anyway the point of the post was not about sex..just how one thing led to another and led me to blog about it.

Anyway, today again there were no seats in my car but there was in CCB's car.

So there I am again facing him because he's faced backwards. Very odd that he wants the entire car 36-40 people staring at him..but whatever.

As soon as I sat down, CCB smiled at me. I smiled back, pulled out my book and started reading.

About half way downtown we stop at 59th street and a few people get on and a woman say 3-6 years older than me so late 30s to 40 maybe sits down NEXT to CCB. I keep reading....I can't get into what I'm reading..and I start people watching.

Within a few minutes CCB is talking to this woman, that was VERY pretty by the way. Just very natural pretty, if you know what I mean.

I couldn't hear but they were discussing his dried, calloused hands I think because they both kept looking down at them and he'd turn them over a few times. Either that or they were discussing the tattoo on the back of his one hand. Whatever but he talked with his hands a lot, motioned towards the city as if to say "I work down there" and motioned hammering and holding a drill. She smiled and responded back to most of it. He was so animated he lost some of his mystery to me but still so cute.

Of course the young Columbia students where nowhere to be found...but I thought to myself..

"Take that; you young chippies...I think CCB likes older women."


Blogger Kellie said...

I want to see CCB :)

January 24, 2007 at 6:53 PM  

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