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Overwhelmed by Love

Sorry to be so in and out lately...lots going on at home.
Still not feeling very well. Casey has been sick with a runny nose/allergy something or other for almost 2 weeks and she hasn't slept through the night since it started.
Throw in a trip to your in laws (16+ hours in the car), a graduation, a graduation dance, a baseball tournament and your daughter's birthday..and well you get one tired Mama.

I will spend the day catching up on my blog roll, sending and responding to emails and trying to get a nap.

In the meantime, graduation was wonderful and of course emotional.

Preparing for his dance was exhausting but fun.

His dance was so much fun. I got to watch him have the most fun I've seen him have and I got to give him a class award. It was too much fun.

In the middle of that he played baseball games 7pm Friday night, 10am Sat morning, 3pm Saturday afternoon, had to shower and be ready for the dance Sat by 6pm, dance at 7pm and another baseball game Sunday, which was also Casey's 2nd birthday.
We had cupcakes at the game and all the boys sang to her. She had a great time. My Dad had Kyle's rocking horse that he gave him for his 1st birthday fixed up and gave it to Casey at the baseball game. I still have to dump those pictures but she loves it.

Funny to think in just a few short months Kyle will probably be turning 15 and going to his first homecoming dance. My goodness the time flies by.

Graduation Night

Leaving for the dance

My handsome boy

The Family

Giving flowers to his date, Madeline

The Cute Couple

The "Group"

Then we have the birthday girl---poor kid spends all her birthdays at her brother's baseball games.