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Borrowed Time

Once cancer has touched your family everything is different.

Simple flu "bugs" seem monumental.

Colds that hang on too long become worrisome.

Once cancer has touched your life you seem to be in constant limbo.

Waiting for that other shoe to fall.

Remission is a tricky place. Grateful for it to be gone but constantly looking over your shoulder waiting for the day it might catch up to you again.

For me, that day seemed to be Friday night again.

I was standing in Linens N' Things when my cell phone rang.

It was my Dad telling me he's being admitted to the hospital. Whhhhhhatttt? Why?

It seems he's been unable to keep anything down since Tuesday (which I knew he wasn't feeling well) but he's had it coming out of both ends since Wed and his doctor is concerned.

In 1990 at the age of 38 he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He fought it and beat it.

Since then; every cold, every flu, every ache and pain....haunts you.

He's had a battery of tests run and we're supposed to find out today what's up.

The statistic that's not good? When you beat colon cancer.....cancer usually comes back later somewhere else.

1990 until now..feels like borrowed time.

So now..we wait....