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Sticks and Stones

The internet is a tricky thing.

You make "friends" with people.

You get some real idiots that can argue with you, say mean things that leave a mark or just make your life miserable by stalking you.

Like most recently I was scouring a certain "list" for things to pick up around the house. You know for a deal? Like an internet garage sale.

Things I was looking for:

Used Cedar Swing Set for Casey
Used Patio Furniture cuz we need a 2nd table and chairs for all the entertaining we do
Pub Table for our kitchen we literally never eat in but would look good with a much smaller table
Poker Table

So I find a pub and poker table on the same listing. I emailed the person asking for pics of the pub table because I want a square one. This person emailed me back pics with a round one and a poker table used a few times in the original box. This person lists OBO.

In the spirit of BEST OFFER, I did a little research on the poker table. Found the exact same one on a local sporting good store and Target for $99.

So I emailed the person and said "Sorry, I was hoping the pub table was square not round but I'd like to offer you $50 for the poker table."

The email back to me "I was hoping for $100 on the poker table."

I emailed back and said "Thank you but I'm not interested. I can buy that table new in the store for $100. Thanks anyway for your time."

Email comes back "Really? The box says $200 but I won't argue with you about it." Really cuz that's what it seems like you're doing trying to justify your nasty crabby self.

My better judgement should have stopped me right here. But I wanted the guy/girl whatever to know I wasn't lying. So I emailed back "Yep. Target and Sports Authority both have it online for $99"

The email response to that.

"Then go get one. Tired of these Craigslist Deadbeat FUCKS"

DUDE----If I was trying to surprise my husband with a poker table as a "little surprise"--- I'm trying to get a BARGAIN...hence what the list is for....people looking to sell shit they don't want locally without ebay or having to set up for an actual garage sale.....why would I spend the same amount of money on your USED one that I could get in the store for the SAME price.???

Insert staring emoticon face here.

I mean I'm not looking to strike a goldmine here and find a NEW $400 retail patio set for $100. I'm looking to find a slightly used $400 retail patio set for $100. If I just wanted to drop $100 I'd go to Walmart and buy their slightly crappier craftsmanship 5 piece set for $99. I'm looking for a deal. Someone sick of their patio furniture. Someone moving and not wanting to move perfectly good patio furniture. I'm not looking to score a $500 brand new for $75.

Nor am I expecting to find a $2,000 Rainbow cedar swing set for $200. I'm finding slightly used sets that were that much when they were originally bought and are now 3-4 years old for around $400-$500 sometimes $600. And we're trying to decide if we are going to spend that much.

Your stupid $100 DEADBEAT FUCK comment over a poker table.... that takes a special kind of idiot.

Sticks and stones....


Sanity Is a Luxury

My world has been a crazy place this last year.

This last week I've realized all the little things I missed. All the little things I took for granted before I got sick.

Things like taking my daughter to play group and having her get so excited to see me when I pick her up like she hasn't seen me in days.

Things like taking her for a "birthday meal" (because she hears me saying HAPPY meal at her favorite golden arches) and then taking her to feed the ducks at the river.

Things like snuggling for the afternoon because it's just her and I.

Things like watching my son pitch a baseball game. Seeing him up there on the mound...just amazes me. THAT is MY son and he's kicking ass and taking names up there.

Things like phone calls from my Dad telling me he's ok. He had an infection. No sign of cancer. He's OK.

Things like my sister calling to tell me that her pathology results came back clean. No sign of cancer from tissue taken out under her armpit.

All these things are good.
All these things are amazing.

When all these things happen on the SAME Friday; it's a GOOOOD day.