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How about some entertainment?

Since this is a party...how about some videos to make us smile.

These are Casey's first giggle fest at 5 months.
Casey and Mama having fun at 7 months.
Casey practicing feeding herself and entertaining Mama last month.


First Giggle


Yogurt Heaven

CONTEST ALERT- "Quirky things about me...."

Now today I just thought after all the crying we could use a little laughter. (BTW- Tues & Wed winners of my party favors were just random posters. See if I had 13 comments I put the numbers on a piece of paper and had Kyle pull one from an envelope. All prize winners will be announced on Monday) So today's blog will be like a sort of "Truth or Dare" game.

Let's all grab a drink from the bar, sit in circle, cross our legs and get started.

Today's winner will be awarded for the best "Quirky things about me" list. I know we all have quirky, OCD tendencies, silly things that other people would roll their eyes at if they saw or knew about it.

I'll start.
  • I have to pour milk in my coffee after my coffee is in the cup. HAVE to do it this way, of course I married a guy that feels just as strong about pouring the milk in BEFORE the coffee. Go figure.
  • I'm addicted to Snapped on the Oxygen channel. Not cuz I think about killing my husband or anything but because I like to see these ladies just plain done lose their minds.
  • If I am home, I cannot miss the FINAL puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. Call it some crazy idea about having to know if I could win the big money.
  • I only eat Eclipse gum. I have no idea why, I've just never even attempted to try anything new and improved.
  • I have the same sweater that I wear to work in 5 colors. If I could I would wear black pants with one of these sweaters everyday. People at work would either think I bought the outfits that way and have no originality or they are going to think I'm color blind and therefore EVERYTHING goes with black pants.
  • I'm just 2 pairs of boxer shorts and a baseball hat away from being a cross dresser. 90% of the clothes I wear to the gym or to run errands on the weekends are handmedowns from my husband. I do not own any cute women "track suits". Not one. Plus my gym shoes, they're mens...I might need to seek counseling on this issue.
  • I kiss my kids the same amount each and every night before they go to bed. Once for being my child, once because I love them, once for letting me be their Mom and once more because I can. If I don't kiss them each 4 times, I will go into their rooms and kiss them the amount needed before I go to bed myself.
  • I keep EVERY SINGLE grocery store, target, walmart type bag I receive. Sometimes I place them all into bigger Target or Walmart type of bags. I probably have 10,000 in my house right now. I use them for so much. I keep 2 in my work tote at all times. I wrap wet umbrellas in them, wet shoes, wet gloves or if I need to bring something home from work. I also wrap my tupperware in them for transporting my lunch to work, this way if the top blows off, I don't have food all over my bag. If I find that Jeff threw one or two away from a recent trip to the store, I obsess about it for HOURS.
  • I'm petrified of clowns. There is a movie coming out about Mary-something or other. Some horror flick but they show her dolls coming to life and one is a clown and I actually screamed out loud in the daylight when I saw it. (Kyle laughed hysterically at me)
  • My biggest fear involving death; I'm afraid I'm going to die choking on a bone of some sort, hence the reason for my obsession with boneless chicken breast, boneless pork chops..etc.

So there...YOUR TURN!

They can be funny, unique, silly or whatever.

The list that stands outs the most for whatever reason will be today's party favor winner.


P.S. For my regular readers, here's some Angie and the PFD Group tidbits

A) I've started my weight loss blog again. Check it out over there are the right. Going to start adding WW recipes that get the seal of approval for the menfolk at home.
B) Jeff got a "Recognizing You" award from work. $150 can be split up to a gazillion different places on gift cards.
C) Kelly saw her endocrinologist on Wed and sees her oncologist tonight so nothing new yet.
D) Today is Day 4 of the No BOTTLE watch for Miss Casey June. Finally...now if only I could break her of the pacifier. Truth be told with us going out of town, then her getting sick, Monday was the first go of the bottle and once that is worked well 2 weeks will I start with the pacifier.


From Teen To Toddler Part 2

(I apologize in advance. I thought I had found a good place to break but this is probably long too. If you're visiting for the first time, Part 1 of the story is yesterday's post so start there.)

From Teen To Toddler: The Full Circle of a Journey Home
By Angie Morrison

I hadn't been on prescription birth control for years due to it elevating my blood pressure so my cycles tended to be very irregular. In order to at least help us "narrow" down the window a bit we bought an ovulation predictor kit test for November. We waited for the indication that I might be ovulating and hoped for the best.

It was at the end of November that I became nauseous on my train commute home. Jeff was out of town and I didn’t want to test, I seriously thought I was getting the flu. Just for my own peace of mind, I stopped at the drugstore on my way home and picked up a home pregnancy test. We were trying to conceive. We’ll need it eventually, right? The mind has a wonderful way of convincing itself of anything.

I sat that test on the bathroom counter and stared at it for about an hour wanting to take the test, knowing that Jeff would be disappointed if I did. I finally gave in and took it. I waited until the test was ready. The digital readout was clear. Very, very clear. "Pregnant". I was pregnant; again. Truthfully I hadn’t gotten used to the idea of trying since it was only a month ago that I had my last period. Is this even possible?

I tried to get in touch with Jeff. After calling our friends and then his cell phone, he finally answered on the 2nd call. He was a bit irritated because I was interrupting a poker game but I couldn't wait to tell him. I thought he would be upset if he knew I took the test without him. It wasn't one of our most stellar "on the same page" moments. We often joke about how he wished I'd waited until he got home. I still think he'd been mad if he’d known that I’d tested without him. I often wonder if we'll still be having this argument when we're 80 but whatever we thought about it at the time didn't matter. I was pregnant and we were going to have a baby.

I'd like to say my pregnancy was uneventful but it wasn't. Just like with Kyle the hormones raged, I was always exhausted, the morning sickness was more like "all day sickness". I woke Jeff every morning at 5am throwing up nothing but stomach bile. I was miserable. Miserable but thrilled. Jeff and Kyle both got used to my moodiness and learned to navigate AROUND me very well.

At night when things were quiet and Kyle was in bed, I would often lie in bed and rub my belly. Sometimes I would play the baby music. Usually at some point Jeff would sit by me and we'd talk. We agreed not to find out the gender of the baby. Actually I agreed to Jeff's pleading. I was dying to know but Jeff was adamant about getting his way with this "one" thing; so I agreed. Men really get the short end of a pregnancy; they get many of the problematic things without any of the honor of carrying the baby. We talked about names, things we couldn't wait for, wondering what our baby might look like. Fun things. However, pregnancy hormones are funny things. I was always paranoid. Would things be ok? What if something went wrong?

Many times my thoughts went to Kyle. Would we be good parents to both of them? Would he feel lost in the shuffle? How in the world could I possibly love THIS child as much I loved Kyle? What if this child sees some favoritism towards Kyle? Somehow deep in my mind I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that I could love them both equally.

Before I had time to torture myself for a full 40-week pregnancy, I failed my glucose test for gestational diabetes so I had to take the three-hour test to be sure. It was at an appointment a week later with my sisters and husband that I was told I had passed that test but that my blood pressure was elevated. Elevated enough to be put on modified bed rest and do a urine collection. What should have been a pleasant doctor visit having my sisters hear the heartbeat for the first time turned out to be a scary day.

The next 2 weeks went by very slow but are a blur to me as well. I spent week 29 and 30 in bed. I returned to the doctor to find that modified bed rest wasn’t helping and as of May 21, 2005 I could not return to work until after the baby. I was ordered to have steroid injections to try and speed up lung development should I deliver early. I was still months from my due date in August and all I could think was “What am I going to do until then? Can I make it all the way through? What if something bad happens to the baby?”

I had pre-eclampsia, which is a hypertensive disorder that causes high blood pressure, headaches, vision problems and severe swelling. The only cure for pre-eclampsia is to deliver the baby. It is the cause of around 15% of premature births.

We fell into that 15%. On June 3, 2005 at 11:49 p.m. Casey June was born; 2 lbs 11 ounces and 16 inches long. She was immediately handed to a neonatologist and they were trying to determine if they should move her to another hospital for her care. The only reason I can’t go into greater detail about that day is because it’s too painful for me; even now.

My pre-eclampsia kept me in bed for another 2 days being treated with Magnesium Sulfate in order to prevent me from having a seizure. I didn’t get to see my daughter until she was almost two days old. Not that I could actually “see” her because the fluid retention had caused my vision to blur to the point where I had to be 6 inches from her in order to see anything.

You can never know what it’s like as a parent to watch your tiny child be so sick and be so helpless. As parents it’s our job to protect them but what if you can’t? What if you have to depend on the medical field and all the doctors? My daughter lie in that warming unit hooked up to more tubes and machines than a dying man. She looked so frail, so sick and so small. She was fighting for her every breath.

38 days in the NICU. She spent 38 days there. For the first three weeks I couldn’t drive. My poor husband was pulling 18 hour days; sometimes not arriving home to eat until 10:30 or 11pm. How he managed to get through it is beyond me. One of the hardest parts of feeling helpless; is wanting to be in the hospital around the clock but physically not being capable. First, my health wouldn’t allow it. I was on blood pressure medication for weeks to help regulate. It took me three full weeks to get my full vision back and everything we tried to do help wasn’t allowed because I was pumping breast milk for Casey. The other part of not being able to be there around the clock was Kyle. I remembered wondering if he would feel lost in the shuffle months ago…How did my little boy feel now? I think for him it would have been easier if he’d been able to get in to see Casey. Hospital rules were PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS ONLY. No siblings, no aunts or uncles, it was terrible. I’m sure he felt very helpless. He could come up the window but not inside. There was no seating in the hall so even the times he did go he wouldn’t make it more than 20 minutes before getting upset. Eventually with a lot of prayer, medical help and love she got stronger. She got strong enough that she came home; 38 days after she was born at 4 pounds 11 ounces.

Have I said 38 days already? Some people think 5 weeks, that’s not so bad. 5 weeks of being separated from your child that doesn’t even weigh as much as a bag of chicken from the wholesale warehouse; smaller than a loaf of bread. 38 days of going to bed every night staring at an empty crib or bassinet and getting up at night to pump for a baby that is not feeding from you. It felt as though I’d dropped my child off with total strangers and told them to watch her.

To this day, Jeff and I don’t know how we made it through that time. Sometimes I wondered if Jeff and I would still be married when it was all over. I wondered if I’d screwed up Kyle psychologically beyond all recognition. There were times I wanted the boat to sink and just be done because bailing water out to simply stay afloat was beyond exhausting.

But she’d made it, and fairly healthy. She did have horrible reflux and she took medication for 3 times a day. She did initially come home on caffeine; a $250 co-pay. Talk about sticker shock! Plus there was an apnea monitor.

In time she weaned herself off everything and by her 6 month check-up in December she was drug and wire free. By her year exam the doctors marveled at her progress. She’d completely caught up developmentally and on the growth charts. She was a living miracle.

As time went on at home I began to come to grips with the fact that I did love my kids, equally; equally but different. Wondering if I’d love them the same shouldn’t have been my concern. The fact was I loved them differently for many reasons. Sure there are the obvious ones, he’s a boy; she’s a girl. He’s my first born and she’s the baby but there was so much more to it.

The periods in my life with each of my pregnancies were as different as night and day. I was young and single then older and married. I have no experience with Kyle and nearly 13 years experience by the time Casey came. Alone and afraid; then married and excited. Not that I didn't enjoy my pregnancy with Kyle; I did. I just didn't have anyone to share it with. I didn't have anyone to get excited about the kicks against my belly. I just remember feeling very alone. With Casey it was different. Jeff rubbed my tummy; he made up these ridiculous songs and sang to my belly. He got excited about all the little details and the name game was fun.

When I look at Casey I smile and I think about all the things I went through during her first few weeks. I think about nearing losing her, nearly dying myself. I know that experience created a different type of bond between us. A level Kyle will never understand. Then I look at my Kyle; growing up right before my eyes. This handsome, strong, confident, athletic, FUNNY and compassionate kid is MINE. I did this. I helped make him the person that he is as much as he made me the person I am. Back when it was just the two of us and he was my Saturday night movie and popcorn date for months on end, I never dreamed about being married and having another child. It was just me and Kyle. We were a team. That bond, Casey will never understand.
How I ever doubted how well my kids would "grow up" together, I don't know. Nearly 2 years later they are the biggest factors in each other's lives. He reads to her, teaches her things, plays with her, feeds her and snuggles her every chance she gives him. When he walks in the room she lights up, when she wakes up from a nap he's the first to want to greet her. They are brother and sister, their age difference is not important. What is important is their bond and their love for each other. Choosing to bring them both into the world, albeit on much different circumstances are some of the best things I've done. I've raised a great kid to be a great teenager and I'm about to enter the terrible twos and do it all over again.

Crazy? Maybe.

Insane? Possibly.

Brave? Not really. I'm a Mother of two kids. Their ages don't make me or them extraordinary. What's special about them is who they are individually and the bond between them I’ve helped nurture. The journey hasn't always been easy. One day it will come full circle. I'm sure there are plenty more bumps on our road. However, when I return from a quick trip to the grocery store and see my kids sleeping together in my bed ("Cuz Mom that was LIKE the only way she would lay down for a nap.") I know I've found my way home.


BLOG PARTY Tuesday- From Teen To Toddler

This is a story I've been writing...really too afraid to send it to any magazines. Call it my fear of rejection. For me, I wrote it for the kids. It's long so I may have to put it up in 2 parts.

From Teen To Toddler: The Full Circle of a Journey Home
By Angie Morrison

"13 YEARS? Really? Wow, you must be brave."

That's a pretty good version of what I hear almost every time someone asks me about the age difference between my kids.

Thirteen years, two marriages. Yes sir, that's me. Brave. I never considered myself brave. From the time I was two and my Mom was pregnant with my sister I knew that I wanted to be a Mother. In my early teens, I had an ovarian cyst rupture. The doctors couldn't tell us if it would prevent me from having children. At the age of nineteen I found out the morning of my youngest sister's sixth birthday that I was going to be a Mother.

Scared that I might be forced to give up my child at nineteen I sat cautiously in the waiting room at the OB's office waiting for confirmation of the results from that morning's test. I looked over at my Mother and she just smiled. When the nurse came out and said "It's positive." We both cried. Happy tears. For as much as my Mom loved children, she knew she would love seeing me become a Mother more. I on the other hand, was happy, scared and worried. Happy because having heard only years earlier that I may not be capable of having children; I was now pregnant. Scared because while I was pregnant; I was also not naive in wondering "What if the doctors were right?" "What if I can't carry this baby?" Worried I might have a problematic pregnancy or birth but even more worried that my boyfriend at the time would abandon me. I was right about that much. I was on my own.

8 months later I delivered my son, Kyle Eric, 7 lbs, 14 oz, 21 1/2 inches after a VERY long delivery over "labor" day weekend. The world has a funny sense of humor. How could I know that would be the day that my life would forever change? The minute they placed that child onto my belly, I became a difference person. I became some one's Mother. Everything this little bundle of pink perfection would need or come to expect would come from me and me alone.

Kyle and I minutes after he was born

Thankfully, as I plunged head first into the joys of single Motherhood I had a wonderful support system. Sure my parents were worried about how I would provide for him without my college degree and what our future would hold. Without my family I don't know that I would have made it. They were an extreme help both financially and emotionally. Living at home with my Mom and siblings gave me a support system to still be an early 20-something and pretend to have a social life when I wasn't taking care of Kyle, working or sleeping. It was during this time that I met my first husband.

Falling head over heels quickly into what I thought was love I managed to tread through a brief rocky marriage wondering if I would ever have more children. Of course being as brief as it was, that didn't happen. Probably a good reason for that.

Suddenly, I was a divorced, 24 year old, single Mother. How did this happen to me? I wondered time and again if I would ever be happy in a relationship or would it always just be me and my little boy.

Christmas 1997

When they tell you the best things are "worth the wait" they aren't lying. The wait may have seemed like forever but when Kyle was nine I met my husband, Jeff. A blended family? Sure I could do this. I worried constantly about Kyle's acceptance of Jeff, Jeff's acceptance of Kyle and my ability to love them both. A year and a half later we were married with an understanding that we might NOT have any more children.

We had gone back and forth during our engagement about having children and agreed that we weren't going to do it. We had Kyle and that was enough for us. Part of that decision sat well with me. The other part of me wasn’t sure and for the longest time and strangest reasons I couldn't figure out WHY I teetered between the two. It didn't take me long to figure it out.

Part of the reason I WAS ok with it; Kyle had just turned 11. Having another child now would mean being up half the night, late night feedings, endless well baby visits to the doctor, worrying over the slightest fever, potty training. It would mean STARTING ALL OVER. Was I nuts? I had to be. That was the only logical answer. I'm sure my older co-workers thought I was just that.

In my eyes, I was about to turn 32 so my childbearing years were hardly over but at the same time my son was 11. Why would I want to start at the beginning?

The other part of me realized that if Jeff and I had to come to this decision, we probably wouldn't change our minds. That meant that YES, my childbearing years were over. I had one son. One son that I absolutely adored, one precious perfect little baby I'd brought into this world.

This creature had made me the person I was today. Had it not been for him I wouldn't have been the person that Jeff had fallen in love with. I would have been someone entirely different. I was Kyle's Mother. That meant everything to me but the finality of the decision frightened me.

The next fall brought Kyle starting 5th grade, turning 12 and our first anniversary in October 2004. It was at our first anniversary dinner that Jeff looked across the table from me and said "I think we should have a baby." Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly?

After being "blessed" with ONLY Kyle, agreeing that we wouldn't become one of those couples frantically trying to conceive and being disappointed month after month we would just be grateful that we had our one healthy son, we were now staring down the barrel of possibly starting over.

This photo was taken 3 days after we decided to try and get pregnant.

I was good at starting over. Left pregnant at 19, divorced at 24, remarried at 30. I could do this, right? At least this time around I had a husband that wanted to have a child with me, right? This time I was older, wiser and more prepared for what second time motherhood would bring me, right? This time there would be no surprises, right? Boy was I wrong!

End of Part 1

**Stay tuned where Wednesday will bring Part 2 of From Teen To Toddler: The Full Circle of a Journey Home

Also for those of you that didn't read yesterday's second post. It's down below. Read it and enter for a chance to win a prize!*****$$$$$*****


BLOG PARTY MONDAY- Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I can't take credit for this Angie at Bigredcouch (over there on my blog watch for some reason the HTML code isn't working for her link) posted recently about a discussion she had with her husband about being ill and pregnancy.

After reading the post, it was with great focus I used this during one of my "Can I ask you a question?" times with my husband. See we don't really watch ALL that much TV during the week so on our nights off we like to pretend we actually LIKE spending time together and will either read to each other, play cribbage or just listen to music and talk. All of these require the TV being OFF. It really is a good way to connect with your spouse (and ya know avoid cleaning the bathroom or starting laundry but whatever.)

Anyway, I says to the husband. "Honey, can I ask you something?"

"Sure honey, YOU can ask whatever you like. It's the weird ass freaks that scare me when they utter those words to me."

"Well even though I know you clearly had to watch me physically go through pregnancy, would you ever say you went through it everyday, SAME AS ME."

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (actually it was a lot longer laugh than that..it lasted about 3 mins but you get the idea)

"OH GOD NO. First of all, I like it when you aren't shooting daggers at me from your eyes. Secondly, it's not true."


"Well I wasn't the one up at 5am every morning throwing up, I wasn't the one with aches, pains, growing boobage, leaking boobage, emotional roller coasters. I wasn' t the one that was nauseous and sick to my stomach falling asleep at 8:30 every night. I mean it was rough on me but I didn't go through it SAME as you, I went through it WITH you. But that still not even a fair comparison. I mean Erik and I have talked about this. He said "You'll never feel more helpless and he was right. As the man, we want to fix it so you aren't so sick or miserable but we can't."

"Most men are fixers. That's true."

"Yeah we don't get the whole you're just talking to vent, you don't really want us to try and fix it thing. Well I DO NOW but it took me 5 years to get it. I guess for me and I get teased about it sometimes. Men in general lack the sensitivity thing that women have. If Erik or Dave ever said that to me about their wives and the pregnancies I would laugh at them. OUT LOUD even because soooo not true. I think men today are so different from our own Fathers that we'd like to THINK we do a lot comparatively but we don't go through it SAME as you. That's why women have the babies cuz men couldn't do it."

"That's so on too. Our Dads might not have even been in the hospital when we were born, let alone the same room. I think men do feel like they should get some credit for being there but sometimes a man takes it too far by trying to belittle the woman's role in it all."

"See and not me. I've never known someone to have a horrible pregnancy; my sisters, all easy. It was very hard to navigate around you and your mood swings sometimes, but I got used to it. What bothered me most was that I couldn't do a thing to make it easier for you physically. I had a new found respect watching you carry our child because I know NOW that I couldn't do it."

"Right and that's where I give men credit. You go through a lot navigating; good word by the way around us during that time. You do do things to be involved, which some men still won't do and I know you missed ME, because quite frankly I missed me. I know it wasn't easy but you did do a good job of it."

"Thanks Honey. It wasn't the easiest thing but she was so worth it in the end. I think too that men vs. women and the sensitivity thing, sometimes I'll say things and then I hear them out loud and I think...holy shit did I just say that out loud. She's gonna throw something at me. Because if I heard one of my friends say it out loud I would LAUGH and think DUMBASS. Women are much better at the sensitivity thing. See Dave could call me up and ask me a really personal question and I'll just be logical and tell it to him like it is. Whereas a woman thinks about whether what she's going to say to her friend is going to hurt her in some way. Then I talk to you and try to answer a question like that and the man vs. woman thing never plays into it. I don't shift so what I think I'm answering in a purely logical sense comes from my mouth and gets perceived by you as insensitive. I don't think about how it must sound to you until it comes out of my mouth..and us men...we've got to figure out a way to think about that BEFORE we get the..."You insensitive ASS" look. Really it's a penis thing. Men and women are just wired different. So just because I wouldn't say something another man might say to his wife doesn't mean I'm MORE sensitive than he is..it just means I've found a better way to remove being a...well a M-A-N about it so I don't get the LOOK, I really hate the look have I mentioned that?I haven't gotten it in a while, which to me means I'm doing something right...but the LOOK frightens me. It gives me nightmares. I work really hard sometimes to avoid THE LOOK."

"LOL, ok, ok. I get it. But you're onto something...what you perceive as logical sounds like complete insensitivity to a woman. That still doesn't mean you should say some of the things you do."

"Well that's where the MAN part of it factors in. We don't know that. This guy probably wasn't literal about "the SAME as her"...he's just saying he was there dealing with all the icky parts a partner has to go through with the wife that's pregnant and he wants a little credit for that."

"Maybe...I know you're right about one thing. Men and women are wired very different."

"Well that's why we belong together. We compliment each other. You try and make us more sensitive and we try and make you less.....oh never mind I don't want the look and no matter WHAT I say right now..I'll get the look. I love you. Can I just say that again? I love you."

Sometimes I have to dig real deep to find reasons why I fell in love with him. After this conversation, it wasn't that difficult.

**So today's winner will be the person that asks Jeff his opinion on the best of another Man vs. Woman issue.**

The Party Goes All Week

Here I've decided to enter into my first "blog thing-y" as my husband would call it.

Here I'm supposed to tell a little about myself and join people to join in the party.

Well, I'm Angie, 34, live in Chicago, married with 2 great kids.

My husband is a Green Bay Packer Fan the rest of my house; Bears Fan. Go figure. (Although he's trying to work on our 21 month old I think I'm going to win). How do rival fans end up married? Good question. How do rival fans cohabitate? Well we never watch the Chicago/Green Bay games in the same room. Once football season is over we're usually ok.

Me, I'm a working Mom that is usually gone from her house almost 12 hours a day. At home, I'm the main cook, the main housekeeper, the main taxi and the main caregiver to the children and quite honestly I'm not sure how I do it. Most days I struggle with the working Mom vs. Stay at home Mom. I just hate the thought of someone else caring for my daughter about 8-9 hours a day. Daughter? Yes, I said daughter. Didn't I mention I have 2 kids? I do. My son is a teenager.

WHAT?? Yes..that's right I'm 34 with a 14 yr old and an almost 2 year old. (I will cover this in my blog this week. It's really a great story and touching situation quite honestly.)

So for my regular readers, this week there will be no tid-bit-y day to day update type posts. Mostly meat and potatoes this week. Stuff I've been thinking of, stuff I've been meaning to put my thoughts down on. Stuff that is either hysterically funny or stuff that really matters to me. Either way it should be a good time...so INVITE Your friends. Come one, come all.

The "Blog Party" --------> which I've linked on the right side there suggests I put out some food out and turn up the music since I'm hosting. Figuratively that sounds like fun but since I can't see anyone to give away best costume or best LIMBO dancer...I've got to liven the party up in other ways.

So I'm going to be doing a give away daily. Ya know how you win radio contents by being "Caller 10" or "Caller 99"? Yep, that's my random way of picking winners for a few days. The other days I'll ask you to give me a question or share something about yourself in your comments and then my husband is going to judge those.

Prizes range from random gift cards, packets of cute note cards (wait people actually still put real live paper NOTES through the USPS?) to baked goods and cute photo fridge magnets. You just NEVER know what's gonna come out of the Prize Vault at PFD (PuttheFuninDysfunctional.)

So to everyone here...I say...

Let's PARTY!