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17 1/2 doctor appointments and one possible sleep study

Sorry..the Land of Dysfunctional and Organized Chaos has been existing on less than 3 hours sleeps a night for approximately the last 2 weeks. Less than 6 hours for over a month.

Finally Monday we went in for her 2 year checkup.

My preemie is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. She's caught up with all her developmental milestones and the doctors couldn't be more thrilled with her. "Just one tiny problem DOC----she hasn't slept through the night in almost a month since her nose started running clear snot. She's cried and screamed herself hoarse 6 times in the last 3 weeks."

Another 10 minute discussion brings us to the thought that because of her horrendous allergies she's not getting into a deep enough sleep to keep her from waking every 2-3 hours. The screaming sounds like it could be night terrors except you only get those in Stage 4 sleep and CLEARLY she's not getting there.

Off to the allergist we go---pollen, cottonwood, mold those get her HORRIBLE. Slight allergy to grass but the allergist says "don't let her roll around in freshly cut and she should be fine."

Back to her pedi that says..."If you can tough it out another 7 days or so I'd like to put her on Zyrtec. Give it to her about a 1/2 hour before bedtime...if it works...great. If in another week she's not sleeping almost through the night, I want her in for a sleep study."

Kyle's high school physical.
Kyle's annual eye exam.

3 different appointments for me. Check the oil and kick the tires...gotcha. What ever do you mean I need a tune UP? How dare you?

Last night was day 3 of the Zyrtec and to me it's working so HOPEFULLY we don't need the sleep study. She's sleeping in (2) 4-5 hour blocks with a "water" break in between.

What does all of this mean?

Well it means that I had to cancel my trip to see My Best Friend in the world and I'm just devastated about it. More than I think she'll ever realize...

It means I've spent $100 in copays in the last 3 weeks and another $60 on medicines WITH my insurance. (Thank God for insurance)

Hopefully back to the world of blogging and catching up and tomorrow maybe I'll have something more comical to write about.